Deals (Party & Event)

These items are either being phased out of our inventory or have been discontinued by the manufacturer. All items are in their original packaging. Quantities are limited.
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Picture Item # Description Weight
Water Pan F/Electric Plate AL500WPE Water Pan F/Electric Plate 5.00 lbs. Call
Chafer Half Size Dome Cover AL520A Chafer Half Size Dome Cover 24.75 lbs. Call
Display Merchandiser 18" 18MCP Display Merchandiser 18" 54.00 lbs. Call
Drain Clean Enzymatic Gallon 4/BX 51945 Drain Clean Enzymatic Gallon 4/BX 37.00 lbs. Call
Market 9FT Umbrella Green 9091 Market 9FT Umbrella Green 17.00 lbs. Call
Chair Ivory 8/BX 704758 Chair Ivory 8/BX 52.00 lbs. Call
Mechanical Candles 8" White (PR) W0008WH Mechanical Candles 8" White (PR) 0.25 lbs. Call
Mechanical Candles 12" White (PR) W0012WH Mechanical Candles 12" White (PR) 0.35 lbs. Call
Mechanical Candles 15" White (PR) W0015WH Mechanical Candles 15" White (PR) 0.40 lbs. Call