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Part # Description
WL52230180 Degrees Arc Reflector Shield
E712605Defender 18W Eco-Light Fluorescent
E712500Defender 36 Watt Uplight 4FT
E712600Defender Eco Uplight, 36W
E709165Defender Fluorescent Floor Light
E712846Defender Mini Mobi LED Hand Torch
E712550Defender Uplight V2 Base Assembly
111105FHang-A-Light 105W Fluorescent
HL400PSHang-A-Light 400W Pulse Start
E712810LED Hand Lamp, Rechargeable
650199Open Number
IN120LBSmithlight Traveller Light
SL-TRAVELLERSmithlight Traveller Light
WL175MHWobble Light 175W Metal Halide
WL400MHWobble Light 400W Metal Halide
WLSD400Wobble Light 400W Metal Halide
WL500HWobble Light 500W Metal Halogen
WL85FWobble Light JR. 85W Fluorescent
Part # Description
WL62270100 W Metal Halide Bulb
111915105W Fluorescent Replacement Bulb

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