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Part # Description
87361Blade Assy F/85356
87111Blade Tree Ring F/85303 & 85304
85397Coring Aerator 190CC B/S
85417Mete-R-Matic Top Dresser
85530Sod Cutter Kiscutter GX160 Honda
Part # Description
8727412-IN Blade
872893-IN Pintle Eye
861833-IN-1 Auxiliary Tank T3000
87305Aerator Tine Turfco
87316Anvil Set; Includes 11 Anvils
87505Assembly; Greens Blades
87504Assy; Standard Cutting Blades
86147Attachment; Auxiliary Conveyor
86174Attachment; Broadcast Spinner
86182Attachment; Cross Conveyor 1530 & 1
86181Attachment; Cross Conveyor;CR-7 & 8
86150Attachment; Trench Filling
87105Blade F/85303 'V' Trencher
87106Blade F/85303 3-IN Stripper
87500Blade Pack; 12 Point Offset

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