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Part # Description
CM7-5Concrete Mixer 7 Cuft GX160 Honda
CM7-8Concrete Mixer 7 Cuft GX240 Honda
FPC450Plate Compactor 160CC
TCS-1 13QXCSturdi Saw 18" GX390 Honda QXC
TCS-1Sturdi Saw 1 W/Out Engine
TCS-M1Sturdi Saw Mini W/O Engine
Part # Description
30004-41/4-IN X 1-1/2-IN Key For Sha
30004-51/4-IN X 1-IN Key
46045-0118-IN Blade Guard Complete, Bolt On
40139-0145 Degree Rip Fence
229864X124X12 Rammer Foot
40015-334X2 Front Wheel
40121-165/16-IN-18 NC HHCS X 1/2-IN Long
40015-446-IN Rear Wheel
229886X126X12 Rammer Foot
30004-03Arbor Assy Mini Saw
40100-03Arbor Bearing For Tile Saw
40013-02Arbor Shaft F/'97 Mini
539727Arbor Shaft Kit
40009-16Arm, Blade Pointer

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