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Part # Description
648147Dolly 30"X18" Padded 1000LB
648149Farm Cart 3.5CU FT 200LB
648144Farm Cart 7.5CU FT 300LB
648152Farm Cart 7.5CU FT 300LB
648145Platform Truck 24"X48" 2000LB
FG9T1500BLATilt Truck 1 Cu Yd SF 1250LB Cap
FG131500BLATilt Truck 1 Cu Yd Standard
647394Tilt Truck 1 Cu Yd Utility
FG130600BLATilt Truck 1/2 Cu Yd Heavy Duty
FG130500BLATilt Truck 1/2 Cu Yd Standard
647401Tilt Truck 1/2 Cu Yd Utility
647403Tilt Truck 3/4 Cu Yd SF Utility
FG101300BLATilt Truck 3/4 Cu Yd Standard
647393Utility Cart 2 Shelf HD 24"X36"
647399Utility Cart HD 2 Shelf 16"X30"
Part # Description
FG9T54L14IN Caster W/Hardware
FG4501L1Fixed Caster 5IN F/FG450088BLA
FG4501L2000Swivel Caster 5IN
1781239Wheel F/648144

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