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Part # Description
XC-T13751 3/8-IN-IN Diamond Xcores Tile Cut
CT2501/4-IN Collet W/ Collet Nut
CT1251/8-IN Collet W/ Collet Nut
CR18L-110018VOLT Lithium Ion Tool With 1
CR18L-120018VOLT Lithium Ion Tool With 2
XC-T10001-IN Diamond Xcores Tile Cutting Ho
XC-T7503/4-IN Diamond Xcores Tile Cutting
XB-FTH13/4-IN Floor Tile Xbits
CT1565/32-IN Collet W/ Collet Nut
RZ1005Accessory And Attachment
DC1Carbide Burr Bit
CH01Chuck Adapter Set
CRCT1Circle Cutter Attachment
CCSEG-KIT1Circle Cutting And Straight Edge Gu
CRCT4Circle Cutting Guide -Rotozip
CRCT2Circle Guide (1-IN-20-IN Diameter
CN1Collet 3 Pack
DD1-10DD1-10 Direct Drive Attachment
DD-PM5DD-PM5 Plastic & Metal Direct Drive
DM10-10DM10-10 Dust Management Attachment

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