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Part # Description
DP2022SAir Compressor 2HP Electric 4 GAL
PUK2008MDCAir Compressor 2HP Electric 8 GAL
PK5020VPAir Compressor 5HP Electric 20 GAL
PUN5520GAir Compressor GX160 Honda 20 GAL
DG5522HPAir Compressor GX160 Honda 4 GAL
PUK6508HGEAir Compressor GX200 Elec Start
PUN6520GEAir Compressor GX200 Honda 20G Ele
PUK6508HGAir Compressor GX200 Honda 8 GAL
PUK8008HGAir Compressor GX240 Honda 8 GAL
TUK13030HGEAir Compressor GX390 Honda 30 GAL
Part # Description
2140019A1/2-IN Us Filter, Puma
2D12-20D14K2.5-IN Air PSI Gauge
2142013Air Filter 1807
2140009AAir Filter Assy Metal 1IN Inlet
2142002Air Filter Element
2140020AAir Filter Plastic 3/4IN Inlet
079-255317Air Hose 3 FT For Model 112-00009
2N31-A72Belt A72

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