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Part # Description
HYD-AH60Anchor Handle
9022-DS5PDisplay Stand 5 Position Auger
KT200BKwik Trench GX160 Honda
225656MDL 5H Post Hole Digger 160CC Less
225655MDL 5HD Accessory Box
225654MDL 5HD Posthole Digger Only HD
225657MDL 8H Post Hole Digger 240CC Less
HYD-TB11HPost Hole Digger 340CC Towable
MDL-5H-KPost Hole Digger GX160 Honda
MDL-8H-KPost Hole Digger GX240 Honda
NTV11HPost Hole Digger GXV340 Honda
HYD-PS11HPost Hole Digger Hydraulic 340CC
HYD-NTV11HPost Hole Digger Hydraulic GXV340
HYD-1MH150Post Hole Digger One Man Handle
HYD-2MH150Post Hole Digger Two Man Handle
MDL-5HD-KPosthole Digger GX160 Honda Package
38130Transport Frame F/NTV11H
Part # Description
KT059* Use #KT048 3/8 X 3/4 GR 8 SC
9-312001-1/2-IN & 2-IN Hex Aug/Ext Top
B-1010-IN Bucket Auger Assy.; W/ 3FT

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