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Part # Description
HYD-AH60Anchor Handle
9022-DS5PDisplay Stand 5 Position Auger
KT200BKwik Trench GX160 Honda
225656MDL 5H Post Hole Digger 160CC
225655MDL 5HD Accessory Box
225654MDL 5HD Posthole Digger Only HD
225657MDL 8H Post Hole Digger 240CC
HYD-TB11HPost Hole Digger 340CC Towable
MDL-5H-KPost Hole Digger GX160 Honda
MDL-8H-KPost Hole Digger GX240 Honda
NTV11HPost Hole Digger GXV340 Honda
HYD-PS11HPost Hole Digger Hydraulic 340CC
HYD-NTV11HPost Hole Digger Hydraulic GXV340
HYD-1MH150Post Hole Digger One Man Handle
HYD-2MH150Post Hole Digger Two Man Handle
MDL-5HD-KPosthole Digger GX160 Honda Package
38130Transport Frame F/NTV11H
Part # Description
KT059* Use #KT048 3/8 X 3/4 GR 8 SC
9-312001-1/2-IN & 2-IN Hex Aug/Ext Top
B-1010-IN Bucket Auger Assy.; W/ 3FT

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