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Part # Description
KTI-74958Caster F/ Kti-74980
KTI-74959Caster F/Kti-74980
435-3-4614-202Extension Tube 19-IN.
435-3-4615-101Extension Tube 28-IN.
KTP-F04042000000Hydraulic Spreader
63427Long Ram, 8IN
435-1-2000-102Ram Assembly BRK-10
KTP-F10040005100Ram Toe
8075Replacement Key, Waterloo Cabinet
8098Replacement Key, Waterloo Cabinet
F0407100000Spreader Assy
Part # Description
MIT-MVA550110MM X 1.0 MM Thread Adapter
SK-4822828MM Drive Socket 1/2IN 6PT STD
SK-4822929MM Drive Socket 1/2IN 6PT STD
SK-4823030MM Drive Socket 1/2IN 6PT STD
KTI-74386Battery Charger 6-12-24 Volt
KTI-74375Battery Charger 6-12 Volts
KTI70215Battery Tester 100 Amp
BRC-GBD31212Beaded Cylinder Hone 3-1/2IN
KTI-41828Boxed End Wrench/Combo 28MM

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