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Part # Description
3007828Barricade W/ Hi Intensity Sheeting
3007532Base, Grip N Go Cone, 15LB Octagon
3001752Battery, 6V, Spring Type BX/12
3014876Blockhead Blue Helmet 8 PT Ratc.
3014877Blockhead Orange Helmet 8 PT Ratc
3014878Blockhead Red Helmet 8 PT Ratc.
3014874Blockhead White Helmet 8 PT Ratc.
3014875Blockhead Yellow Helmet 8 PT Ratc
3013363Charger Hardhat Blue 4PT Ratchet
3013364Charger Hardhat Red 4PT Ratchet
3013362Charger Hardhat White 4PT Ratchet
3013370Charger Hardhat Yellow 4PT Ratchet
3008737Diamond Grade 1000 FT Ahead Orange
3008735Diamond Grade 500 FT Ahead Orange
3001793Electrode Holders JH-1
3001797Electrode Holders JH-2
3004880Element Glass Clear BX/12 Lens
3004882/12Element Glasses 12/BX Smoke Lens
3004882Element Glasses 144/BX Smoke Lens
3017624Flagger Ahead 36IN

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