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Part # Description
MF10Aluminum Frame 10'X10'
MF15Aluminum Frame 10'X15'
MF20Aluminum Frame 10'X20'
DS-KIT-WDisplay Tent Kit, 10' X 10'
15RBImpact 15' Roller Bag
20RBImpact 20' Roller Bag
1010TPF-BLKImpact Canopy Top Black 10'X10'
1010TPF-RBImpact Canopy Top Blue 10'X10'
1015TPF-RBImpact Canopy Top Blue 10'X15'
1020TPF-RBImpact Canopy Top Blue 10'X20'
1010TPF-GRImpact Canopy Top Green 10'X10'
1010TPF-RDImpact Canopy Top Red 10'X10'
1015TPF-RDImpact Canopy Top Red 10'X15'
1020TPF-RDImpact Canopy Top Red 10'X20'
1010TPF-WTImpact Canopy Top White 10'X10'
1010T-WImpact Canopy Top White 10'X10'
1015TPF-WTImpact Canopy Top White 10'X15'
1020TPF-WTImpact Canopy Top White 10'X20'
10RBDSImpact Display Roller Bag 10'
10W190T2WImpact Economy Sidewall Kit

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