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Part # Description
17C303Paint Sprayer RentalPro 210
17C407Paint Sprayer RentalPro 230
17C337Paint Sprayer Ultra Max II 595
254978Texture Machine RentalPro RTX1250
254977Texture Machine RentalPro RTX900
Part # Description
15R237Adapter, Inlet
117694Air Regulator
356-GASM 300 Gun W/Zip Tip G Thread
456-SGASM 400 Gun G Thread/W Super Zip
456-FASM 400 Gun W/Zip Tip F Thread
289316ASM 500 Gun W/Uni Tip 517 G Thread
101178Ball 1-1/4 IN
100279Ball 7/8 IN
196896Ball, Guide
240525Barrel Assembly
120233Belt, 3MM Timing
120234Belt, 3MM Timing

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