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Part # Description
117AFrozen Drink Machine
127AFrozen Drink Machine
137AFrozen Drink Machine 12 QT
113AFrozen Drink Machine FFA113A
Part # Description
C6519Beater Bar Assy F/117A
F6603Drip Tray, SM New Style 113,117
F6602Drip Tray, SM Old Style 113,117,217
CO906Drive Coupling
C6513Faucet Assy.
C6513BFaucet Body
FO427Front Motor Bearing
479473Frozen Drink Sign For 117A Frosty
F0498Hopper Cover
F1114Hopper Cover F/F127
F0262Knob, Faceplate, White
F0264Knob, Faucet, White
F0181Medium Clear Light Box Panel
F0182Medium White Light Box Panel

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