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Part # Description
5431 1/4-IN Carbide Cutting/Shaping WH
456-011- 1/2-IN Reinforced Cut-Off Wheel
MM4601-1/8-IN Wide Wood Flush Cut Blade
MM4721-11/16-IN Long Wood And Metal
MM4621-3/8-IN Bimetal Flush Cut Blade (M
MM4631-3/8-IN Japenese Flush Cut Blade (
4821/16-IN Collet
MM5011/16-IN Grout Removal Blade
4451/2-IN 240 Grit Sanding Band (6 PCS
TR4071/2-IN Sanding Mandrel With 60 Grit
TR4701/2-IN Sanding Mandrel With 60;120;
4831/32-IN Collet
6601/32-IN Drill Bits (4 PCS)
4461/4-IN 240 Grit Sanding Bands (6 PC
663DR1/4-IN Glass Drill Bit With Cutting
TR6541/4-IN Straight Routing Bit
TR6701/4-IN Straight Routing Bit &
4801/8-IN Collet
5851/8-IN Collet
662DR1/8-IN Glass Drill Bit With Cutting

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