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Part # Description
0189220A 125V Straight-Blade Receptacle,
0189120A 125V Twist-To-Lock Receptacle,
0189720A Single Pole Circuit Breaker
0189330A 250V Twist-To-Lock Receptacle,
0189830A Double Pole Circuit Breaker
0189650A 125/250V Flanged Inlet, CS With
0189450A 125/250V Receptacle CS
01901Cover For 20A Receptacle, Black
01900Cover For 30A Receptacle, Gray
01899Cover For 50A Receptacle, Black
05975Female Connector 50 Amp 4/Pack
L716Halogen Bulb 500W 10/Pack
01908Housing Top Cover, Yellow
L14L14 Sled
05974Male Connector 50 Amp 4/Pack
01890Outlet, 20 Amp Gfci
01906Roll Cage, Black
01905Sled Base, Black

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