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Part # Description
CARTON FOR GP-3317"X18"X19"
PB-25 MBAxial Air Mover Stand Black Steel
KP-1.5Blower Kodiak 1.5 HP
KP-1Blower Kodiak 1 HP
BP-2Blower Super Bear 2 HP
CP-1BCub Blower Etl Blue
CP-1GCub Blower Etl Green
CP-1RCub Blower Etl Red
LABEL CP-1Cub CP-1 Spec Label
BP-2-DEMODemo-Blower Super Bear 2HP
FX-1BFlex Power-Blue
FX-1GFlex Power-Green
FX-1RFlex Power-Red
GP-1Grizzly Blower Safety Green 1 HP
GP-1GNGrizzly Blower Safety Green 1 HP
GP-1-ULGrizzly Blower Safety Green UL
GP-33Grizzly Dryer 1/3 HP, Green
GP-33BKGrizzly Dryer Etl Black
GP-33BLGrizzly Dryer Etl Blue
GP-33GNGrizzly Dryer Etl Green

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