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Part # Description
MTA2210Hot Water Washer 1000 PSI 1.5HP
MTA3835Hot Water Washer 3500 PSI
Part # Description
05-184042#0 Bypass Res. For K7
05-184142#1 Bypass Res. For K7
02-551301#13 End Coupling
06-151218#21227 Kit For Giant Gun
01-3224001 1/2-IN King Nipple Black
04-1310421 1/4-IN HTR Elem. 230/460
03-1925071/2 X 90 Degree Hubel
05-2011111/2-IN Ball Valve 2000 PSI
01-2013041/2-IN CPLNG - HD Plated
01-2313011/2-IN Plug Allen Indented
01-2313031/2-IN Plug Zinc SQ. Head
20051/2-IN Rope Insul.Fiberfax
01-1611031/4-IN Pipe Tee Aa
01-2311071/4-IN Plug Allen Indented
01-2311051/4-IN Plug Nylon Hex Head
01-2311031/4-IN Plug SQ. Head Zinc
05-2010021/8-IN Ball Valve 1/4-IN Barb
01-2310001/8-IN Plug Plythyln.

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